The Copycats with Elton John?

August 19, 2008

I wonder if anyone can help with this. I’ve an article from The Sun dated October 23, 2000 in which it clearly states “Seven years later Johnny quit the band and they hired unknown musician Elton John.” Checking all the biographies I’ve got on Elton, I can’t find any mention of it.

In 1969/70, I think The Copycats would have been known as My Dear Watson and still playing the Ballerina. Does anyone remember this?

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  1. Tom Findlay Says:

    My understanding is that the Copycats never actually hired Elton John but when they were in a London recording studio they needed a keyboard player for one track and he happened to be in the next studio. This was when he was still called Reginald Dwight and he did the session with the Copycats. They eventually hired Ziggy Slater after John Stewart left the band. Hope this helps.

  2. Brian McDonald Says:

    Hi,Tom is right, although by that time they had changed their name to My dear Watson. They were in London recording either one of their singles or their album for DJM Music. DJM MUSIC was an abreviation for Dick James Music.( Dick James was famous for his hit in the 1950’s of the Robin Hood theme song) I beleive that Elton was a session player for DJM MUSIC and when the track they were working on called for a keyboard to help fill the sound in stepped Reginald Dwight. My Dear Watson began to make a name for themselves in the south and headlined the Readio 1 show when it was broadcast live from the Town Hall in Elgin. Reginald Dwight then changed his name to Elton John with the release of his first single which charted fairly quickly. DJM then put their full wight behind their new star leaving the other artists in their stable out in the cold Amongst them MY Dear Watson. I am not sure if the album was ever completed. Ziggy Slater did replace Johnny and is still going strong today as Toni and Ziggy.

  3. Iain Lyon Jr Says:

    Most of the info supplied is correct, however Ziggy didn’t ‘replace’ John, he just joined after he left as a pianist/keyboard player.

    Also Johnny and the Copycats are also still going as the Original 4 piece (John Stewart, Iain Lyon, Bill Cameron and Robert Lawson)

    • Iain Lyon Says:

      Hi Iam Iain Lyon
      Was interested to read your blog and would like to let you know the copycats are still playing and still the original line up , we are coming up for our 50th anniversary in 2012(have you still got the guitar)I have had a few since then .Its good toknow we are still remembered.

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