“Shannies” of The Rebel Sounds

August 22, 2008

Take a look at the “Regular Bands” page for a great posting from James Shand or “Shannies”. I love his story about supporting David and Jonathan. It’s always amazes me the things that support bands saw and had to put up with. Shannies’ posting just goes to illustrate this.

I’m heading for the library in Nairn again and I’ll get my listings extended up to 1972 at least. The listing for 1969 will be online some time tonight.


2 Responses to ““Shannies” of The Rebel Sounds”

  1. Greetings from the sunshine coast Australia,
    I was just browsing through some Scottish sites and found this one, what an absolute delight to see some of the groups. My sister Deirdre and I were a part of the kilted beat group “The Jacobeats” during the 60.s and we to were contracted to Albert Bonici.
    With reference to how many gigs some bands played a night, sometimes we, The Jacobeats were doing 2 shows especially when we were on tour and doing workmens clubs in England, it was a great time and something I will always remember.
    I am trying desperately to find some of the guys who were in the band, they were Terry Russell, Ian Smith, John Rennie, Doug McLennan and later on Rae Rogers and Grahame Nairne, so if anyone out there can help me I would really appreciate it, especially as I am coming home to Scotland in July for a world clan gathering, it would be truly fantastic to catch up with any of them.
    I myself have been writing and directing musicals and musical comedys here in Australia so the stage is still a very large part of my life, my sister Deirdre also lives here in Oz, but she lives in N.S.W. having said that we still see a lot of each other and still sing together at every opportunity, and yes we still belt out a few of the old songs that we sang in “The Jacobeats” GREAT TIMES !!!!!

    Regards Lorna

  2. Humped the gear for The Rebel Sounds – Shannies , Benty and Sandy (Petrie) we were all mates n lovers of music (albeit various) .
    Crippled now but still think we worked for what we believed in .
    Feel free to get in touch any of you , but replies may be slow (not me but – technology) , trying to live in the future but LOVE the past .

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