January 29, 2010

To navigate through the site, please use the tabs above. I’ve changed the layout and the navigation, hopefully you’ll find it easier. The years which were previously blog postings are now fixed pages. Due to some misuse, I’ve disabled comments. Any images or information relating to the Ballroom, the bands that played there or Albert Bonici would be much appreciated. If you still want to add stories, info, photos or anecdotes, please mail them to info@rockmine.com. Anything relevant to the blog will get added.

Since this blog was created, it’s been viewed more than 40,000 times. I thought you’d like to see where people have been visiting from. Everything in pink on this map is a country that someone’s visited from. It makes the old British Empire globes that I grew up with pale into insignificance!

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  1. Kenny Macdonald Says:

    One of the best bands in the area in the early 70’s was Windy Miller.This band was formed after the break up of T Set and appeared on Grampian TV.They also realeased an album called “On The Rise”which was also the last Record published under Albert Bonici record label “Norco”

  2. Gràisg Says:

    Hi there the forthcoming Quo gig down on the Carse has inspired some old headbanger memories on related articles in the Gurn.
    Thought you might like this one:

    ‘love & peace Man said…

    Remember some of the small touring
    bands used to sleep in their vans,
    the bigger known acts used to sometimes stay in The Royal Hotel
    where i once had a pint with members of Hot Chocolate,often bands would go for a drink in The
    Vic & walk down The High Street
    to “The Ballers” you had to be out
    of the pubs just after 10oclock,
    when Marmalade played the were
    NO 1 in the charts & before the gig
    were drinking in The Waverley Hotel, Slade when they were here
    stayed in I think it was called Duncraig a small B&B on the corner
    across from The United Reformed
    Church, Fleetwood Mac stayed in
    The Newton Hotel.
    Nairn a wee town can boast thats
    its attracted the likes of CREAM,
    to name just a few. ‘

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