December 31, 1969

January 01 – The T-Set

January 17 – Impact

January 23 – Marmalade. Here they are with “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” which hit number one in the U.K. charts last month.

January 24 – The T-Set

January 31 – The Rogues

February 07 – Archimedes Principle

February 13 – Symon Dupree (sic) plus The Charge Of The Light Brigade

February 14 – Valentine Queen Special starring The Charge Of The LIght Brigade

February 21 – Spectacular 3 Band Rave. The Royal Teens plus The Probe plus The Grey Wooly Affair

February 28 – Marjorine

March 07 – Krisis

March 14 – Power Vane

March 21 – The Whiskas plus The T-Set

March 28 – Skippin’ Rope ‘N’ Bangles

March 30 – The Lucky Charms

April 04 – Gully Foyle

April 11 – The Albert Fish

April 18 – Taste Of Honey

April 25 – The Power Vane

May 02 – Pearl And Dean Boogaloo Band plus The T-Set

May 09 – The Elizabeathans

May 16 – The Mixture

May 23 – The Candy Carnival

May 30 – Due to Nairn Golf Week, regular Friday night dance will take place in the Victoria Hotel, Forres – Klooks

June 06 – The Illusions

June 08 – Girl Talk

June 13 – The Rogues

June 15 – My Dear Watson

June 20 – The T-Set

June 22 – 10% Butter

June 27 – Mother Hubbard

June 29 – The T-Set

July 04 – The Land Of Love

July 06 – My Dear Watson

July 11 – Russ & Johnny plus My Dear Watson plus The T-Set

July 13 – The Riot Act

July 18 – Chesters plus Bohemians

July 20 – The Riot Act

July 25 – Power Vane plus My Dear Watson

July 27 – My Dear Watson

July 30 – The Tender Plenty plus The Roosters

August 01 – Writing On The Wall

August 03 – The T-Set plus Les Oiseaux

August 08 – Frigsby Dyke and The Rising Sun

August 10 – The T-Set plus disc jockey

August 15 – Illusions

August 17 – Tangerine Atmosphere plus Little Jinny

August 22 – The New Art plus My Dear Watson

August 24 – My Dear Watson

August 29 – The Pram plus Soul Purpose

August 31 – The Rising Sun

September 05 – King Size Keen

September 07 – The Twelfth Night

September 12 – Glamour Night starring Nancy with The Candy Floss

September 14 – Copperplate Movement

September 19 – Writing On The Wall plus The T-Set

September 26 – My Dear Watson plus The 5-Piece London Variations

October 03 – The Aries plus The Facells

October 10 –  “It’s Krazy Night” Marp and The Tes-T

October 17 – The Sugar plus The Spiggy Topes

October 24 – The T-Set

October 28 – The Herd

October 31 – It’s A Hippy Happening For Hallowe’en with Sunshine (ex-Rogues) plus Mother Hubbard

November 07 – My Dear Watson plus The Grey Wooly Affair

November 14 – Treacle

November 21 – The Fabulous Motown Review

November 28 – The T-Set

December 05 – My Dear Watson plus The Grey Wooly Affair

December 12 –  Writing On The Wall

December 19 – Gods Squad

December 24 – Twilight Zone plus Sour Mash plus The Grey Wooly Affair

December 28 – The Trunk Line


December 31, 1968


January 12 – The Floribunda Rose plus The Rebel Sounds. The Floribunda Rose was an Anglo-South African band that had formed in Johannesburg in early 1967. In May of that year, they set off by ship for London in search of fame and fortune. By the time they arrived in England, they didn’t even have a name but came up with this one to tie in with the music scene’s obsession with flower power. Things came to a head for the group when they finished a month long residency at the Top Ten Club in Hamburg and then had to drive all the way to Scotland to start a ten day tour. Two days after playing The Ballerina, guitarist Pete Clifford flew back to South Africa. His duties were taken over by singer John Kongos but the band soon fell apart.

January 19 – The Beatstalkers plus The Sweet Soc

January 26 – The Powerhouse plus The T-Set

February 02 – The Live Wires plus Keith Taylor

February 09 – The Children plus Keith Taylor

February 16 – The Children plus Keith Taylor

February 23 – The group that made the charts backing Paul and Barry RyanThe School

March 01 – The Methode

March 08 – Moray and Nairn Constituency Association S.N.P. present MISS S.N.P. 1968. First of the heats to find the winner who will go forward to the national final. Sash and prizes to winner. Prizes for all. Judging by the nation’s top disc makers. Top of the pops. The Merseys plus The Parchment People. You may not know The Merseys but you will know their only hit, “Sorrow”, which was later covered by david Bowie. Here’s the original.

March 15 – The Scots Of St. James

March 22 – The Fortunes

March 29 – The Live Wires

April 05 – Mr. Marigold Attraction plus The Newcomers

April 12 – Aberdeen Students’ Charities’ Campaign – Secured at no little cost – Sir Percy And The Riot Squad – plus the new – Yesterday’s Mood

April 19 – Three-Band Show – The Zoo plus The T-Set plus The Rogues

April 26 – The Searchers plus The Facells. The Searchers were no longer the force they once were. It had been three years since they even had a top ten hit. Still, they were a great touring band and here they are with “Umbrella Man”.

May 03 – Clubland’s most exciting exotic dancer Margo Delmar. Also starring Mr. Marigold Attraction

May 10 – Floribunda Rose

May 17 – No dance in Nairn. All buses to One Night Special in Forres starring John’s Followers

May 19 – New Sunday Beat Club – Eucalyptus Convention

May 24 – Horror! Horror! Bring your own coffin – We’ve none left! The woodworm and the beatles ate them all! Ghosts admitted free. No spirits allowed. It’s a real scream with The Motion

May 31 – America’s leading coloured soul singer – Nepenthe plus The T-Set plus The Sweet Soc.

June 02 – Dave & Dee’s Playground plus the Eucalyptus Convention

June 07 – Wayne Fontana with the mighty sound of The Opposition

June 09 – The fabulous American soul show – The Hummingbirds featuring the explosive R&B singer Tiger J. Brown. With their dynamic T.N.T. backing group – plus the Eucalyptus Convention

June 14 – The Sponge plus The Royal Teens plus Pedestrians

June 16 – Eucalyptus Convention

June 21 – The Fox

June 23 – Eucalyptus Convention

June 28 – The Herd, seen here from a Beat Club performance on German TV in January with “Paradise Lost”.

July 05 – The Impact plus The T-Set

July 12 – Damson Jam plus the Pedestrians

July 14 – Eucalyptus Convention

July 18 – Nairn Entertainments Committee ‘The Caravaneers Night-Out’ with The Jimmy Martin Quartet

July 19 – My Dear Watson plus The Phase V

July 25 – Holiday Beat Festival with The Mindbenders plus My Dear Watson plus The Yankee Clippers plus The Peeps

July 26 – The mighty Royal Teens

July 28 – My Dear Watson plus the Eucalyptus Convention

August 02 – My Dear Watson

August 04 – The Plague plus the Eucalyptus Convention

August 09 – The Orange Garden

August 11 – Purple Dream plus the Eucalyptus Convention

August 16 – The Delroy Williams Show plus The New Jacobeats featuring the brass section from the Freddie Mack Show

August 18 – The T-Set

August 23 – Fingal McCool plus the Pedestrians

August 25 – The Sweet Soc.

August 30 – The Mint Tulip

September 06 – Newton’s Theory

September 08 – The Pedestrians

September 13 – The Rogues

September 15 – My Dear Watson

September 20 – My Dear Watson

September 22 – The Sweet Soc

September 27 – The Royal Teens

October 04 – Damson Jam

October  11 – The New Mo-Jo Band

October  13 – The Riot Squad

October  18 – The Riot Squad

October  25 – The Casuals plus My Dear Watson. The Casuals were in the charts with “Jesamine” and here it is. 3m 33s.

November 01 – ‘Hi Steppin’ Damson Jam

November 08 – The Beatstalkers plus The T-Set

November 15 – The Rockin’ Preacher

November 22 – The Technicolour Dream

November 29 –  ‘High Steppin’ Damson Jam

December 06 – The Royal Teens

December 13 – Born With Soul plus Peppermint Kreem

December 20 – Tangerine Machine

December 24 – Soul Purpose plus The Trak plus Rising Sun

December 27 – My Dear Watson

December 31 – Charge Of The Light Brigade


December 31, 1966

January 21 – Grand Opening. Sounds Inc. plus The Ballerina Band.

Considering the promoter,  Albert Bonici, had a well established series of venues for many years, it’s odd he should have waited so long to open at the Ballerina. He had regular dances at the Two Red Shoes Ballroom, the Assembly Rooms and the Town Hall in Elgin, Victoria Ballroom in Forres, the Public Hall in Craigellachie, the Fisherman’s Hall in Buckie and Longmore Hall, Keith.

He had also used the Regal Ballroom in Leopold Street back in 1960 when The Beatles (then known as The Silver Beetles) played as support to Johnny Gentle for his tour of Scotland. I’d be interested to know how much Bonici used the Regal before the opening of the Ballerina and if he was staging regular dances there.

January 28 – The Highland Press Club presents Malcolm Clarke and The Cresters

February 04 – The Caley F.C. Supporters Club featuring The Mindbenders. Seen here, as they were at the Ballerina – without Wayne Fontana – with “Groovy Kind Of Love”. If the guy on guitar and lead vocals looks familiar, it’s because he’s Eric Stewart who made it to mega stardom in the 70’s as a member of 10cc.

February 11 –Johnny And The Copycats

February 12 – The Facells plus The Graham Nairne 7 with guest, ex-Jacobeats singer, Terry Russell

February 18 – North of Scotland 2nd XI presents The Stramash Show with The Bell Sisters, Peter London, Sol Byron and The Senate

February 19 – New Style Saturday Night Dancing featuring The Flock with guest, ex-Jacobeats singer, Terry Russell

February 25 – The Poets. Here they are with “Now We’re Thru”.

February 26 – The Royal Teens plus The Graham Nairne 7 with singer Terry Russell

March 04 – The Facells plus The Graham Nairne 7

March 05 – The Souls plus Terry Russell plus The Graham Nairne 7

March 18 – The Four Pennies

March 25 – The Klansmen

March 26 – Ballerina Big Beat Nite with The Oreogons plus The Graham Nairne 7

April 01 – Neil Landon with The Colin Anthony Combo

April 02 – Ballerina Big Beat Nite with Size 4

April 15 – The Habits

April 22 – Stramash with Sol Byron plus The Senate plus The Rebel Sounds

April 29 – The Applejacks. While I was looking for a live clip of the band, I found this. It’s the Pathe newsreel of the wedding of two members from last year. Crazy to think that you might have watched this at the cinema back in ’65!

May 06 – St. Louis Union

May 13 – McKinlay Sisters

May 27 – The Honeycombs plus The Rebel Sounds. Here are The Honeycombs with “Have I The Right”

June 03 – Julie Grant plus The Graham Nairne Set and The Flock

June 10 – The Foundations plus The Graham Nairne Set

June 17 – David and Jonathan plus The Graham Nairne Set and Deirdre Cameron. Here’s David and Jonathan with “Lovers Of The World Unite” which will peak at number 7 in the charts on July 7th.

June 24 – The Truth

July 01 – Winners of the South of Scotland Festival Beat Championship 1966 – The Beachcombers

July 08 – Sounds Incorporated. Here they are from the NME Poll Winners’ Concert later in the year.

July 15 – The Rebel Sounds plus The New Jacobeats

July 22 – Two Band Show – The Quantrelles plus The Size

July 27 – Boutique Dance with Mannequin Parade – The Copycats

July 29 – Cliff Bennett and The Rebel Rousers, seen above with “I Can’t Stand It”.

August 03 – Special Summer Dance also featuring Beauty Queen Contest – The Copycats plus The Rebel Sound

August 05 – Neil Landon And The Burnettes

August 10 – Contest Special with ‘Miss Mod Gear’ – The Copycats plus The Soundcasters

August 12 – Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours plus The Soundcasters

August 17 – Miss Mini Skirt – The Facells

August 19 – Heinz plus The Soundcasters and Me And The Others

August 20 – The Oreogons

August 26 – The Drovers plus The Flock

August 27 – The Soundcasters

August 31 – The Raging Storms

September 02 – The Chuckles plus The Soundcasters

September 03 – The Oddity

September 09 – Swinging Blue Jeans plus The New Jacobeats

September 16 – The Beatstalkers plus The Rebel Sounds

September 23 – The Drovers plus The Phantoms

September 30 – The Klondykes plus The Soundcasters

October 07 – The Flintlocks plus The Flock

October 14 – The Chris-Do-Lynns plus The Rebel Sounds plus The New Jacobeats

October 21 – It’s The fabulous Sandie Shaw’s Backing Group – The Escorts plus The Phantoms

October 28 – The Quantrelles plus The Soundcasters

November 04 – Times plus Bootleggers

November 11 – The Crazy Late Nite. Admission only costs 1d, if the penny is dated 1951, 1952 or 1953 – Normal Price Of Admission 6/11 1/2d. The Dawn Breakers plus The Klansmen plus The 3 Blind Mice

November 18 – The Koobas plus The Throb. This is the Koobas on the German pop show, “Beat Beat Beat” on September 23rd, playing “Shake” and “Take Me For A Little While”.

November 25 – The Honeycombs plus The Mike Curtis Set

December 02 – Wayne Fontana and The Opposition plus The Rebel Sounds

December 09 – 1) The Beatstalkers 2) Garry and The Highlanders 3) The T-Set

December 16 – The Mojos plus The Soundcasters

December 23 – ‘The Krazy Xmas Kappers’ Show’ with The Royal Teens plus The New Phantoms

December 26 – Aberdeen Students’ Charities’ Campaign Punch Ball present The Agents plus The Blue Stars

December 30 – Phase Five plus The T-Set