Flyers Done!

August 16, 2008

I came up with over 1,400 flyers and all I’ve got left is a small bundle. Everyone that I asked has taken them. The Ballerina Ballroom needless to say, the library and the classroom wine bar. Add to that posters in nearly every shop and office that carries posters and I’ve done as much as I can. All I need to do now is get the missing 6 months online and I’ll be up to date again.

It seems there are more hacks here now than tourists. There was one in the library when I was on the microfiche. Three in the Classroom wine bar and at least one laden snapper, presumably told to go find some pics for the Sundays. I even borrowed one’s laptop to access my mail! I better not say who he worked for!

My great disappointment is that no-one came up to me in the street. I’m here for the last time I think. Tomorrow, I’d intended returning for John Byrne’s film in the evening but he sent me a text this afternoon to say there were none. C’est la vie! Seems he asked Tilda if she had any but there are none to be had. A second screening has been mentioned but I think that’s going to be unlikely.