One of the problems with researching Albert Bonici’s concert listings is how frequently the advertised bands changed. While adverts would often carry details of events two or three weeks in advance, these would regularly change with a different group being named in each advert. So, while we have an advertised listing of events, it didn’t always name support groups and I’ve no way of confirming all events took place as advertised.

What we do know, however, is that Albert Bonici favoured a small rosta of bands as support to the headliners. Here are some of them. 

The Copycats

Copycats advertised shows (they may have played more):1966 – 3, 1967 – 2.

In late 1967, the band changed its name to My Dear Watson.


My Dear Watson

My Dear Watson‘s advertised shows: 1968 – 8, 1969 – 10.


The Graham Nairne 7

The Graham Nairne 7‘s advertised shows: 1966 – 8.


The Rebel Sounds

The Rebel Sounds‘ advertised shows: 1966 – 5, 1967 – 5, 1968 – 1.


The T-Set

The T-Set‘s advertised shows: 1966 – 2, 1967 – 10, 1968 – 5, 1969 – 12.


36 Responses to “The Regular Bands”

  1. James Shand [Hamish] Says:

    I was informed of this website by Drew Green son of the late Benton Green [Benny] ex Rebel Sounds lead guitar and vocalist. I’m James Shand ex drummer with the Rebel Sounds better known as Hamish or nick name ‘Shannies’.

    I fondly remeber playing the Ballerina mostly on Friday nights, where the Rebel Sounds like the other local bands played support group to some touring bands who became big names, the most famous band the Rebel Sounds supported was Pink Floyd, and this is noted on the Pink Floyd website ‘Scottish Tour’ they were up and coming then and were way ahead of any other rock bands of the time with their style of music which became massive in the 70’s. I vividly remember they had a projector and screen behind and during their set projected these psychodelic moving images created by hot oil bubbles or something in varying colours behind them on the screen. Little did we know then how big they would become.

    I also recall the duo David and Johnathon who we supported, not because they were any good, but we had a stand up fight with their road manager who was a right upstart and very nearly got a hiding from our bass player Sany Petrie who had a very short fuse.

    At that time we were contracted to Abert Bonici every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and played all the gigs like the Two Red Shoes where we supported among many the original Yardbirds , the Assembly Rooms, Elgin Town Hall where we supported the Small Faces, Craigellachie Town Hall, Keith, Buckie, [Monday nights when all the fisherman were at sea] Cullen and odd gigs at the Lossie and Kinloss camps. We also played Trades Park outside Nairn on Sunday nights I remember., they had a resident band a local Nairn guy the drummer was the leader, he had receeding hair, who was he ?

    We also played a lot in Inverness at the Seaforth Boys Club and the club at the top of the Raining Stairs, what was it called ?, it gut burned down I think.

    We occasionally used to meet other bands on the road like the ‘Flock’ from Inverness and later ‘Size Four’

    Im currently working and living Singapore and amazingly work with a guy from Forres and another guy whos wife comes from Nairn who remember the 60’s and the Ballerina, we talk about thse days when we get together socially.

    I have some photos I could send if of interest

    I hope this blog will raise a few memories.

    I will keep in touch.

    Thanks for the memories,

    Shannies [Broken down drummer]

    • John Says:

      I remember you guys in Inverness all those years ago
      The club at the top of The Raining Stairs was called the Doc’s Cub. The main hall burnt down in june 1967 and wasnt rebuilt. Another smaller hall in the buiding was used but it was more of a music cub thing. This lasted up until the start of 1970

      A and I was in used to practice in a room upstairs from Feb 1972 till June 1975 whaen the whole building was torn down to make a car park.

      I used to go to Nairn on Friday nights from 1967 till 1971. It was another time. Its all gone

  2. Tom Findlay Says:

    Hi and thanks for the memories. I was the drummer in the Grey Wooly Affair from Buckie and we regularly played the NE circuit from Aberdeen to Thurso in a bright orange Austin J2 van which had no reverse gear. We did a lot of support gigs with Johnny & The Copycats who became My Dear Watson. We eventually morphed into Bones when our singer left to join My Dear Watson, The other guys in the band were Sandy Murray (bass) and Richard Cebula (guitar). I remember we once bought an 18″ bass cabinet from the Rebel Sounds. I now live in Aberdeen, Sandy is near Newcastle and Richard near Edinburgh but we still get together occasionally and have recorded a couple of cd’s in the past couple of years neither of which you will find on Ebay (or anywhere else!!). I still play in JB and The Classics with John Barclay (Facells, Throb), John Riddoch (Levi, Atlas) and David Innes (Keith loon ex Dark Star and All Night Decorators).
    Hoping to organise a reunion gig with The Copycats, Bones and anyone else who might be interested.
    Tom Findlay

  3. ian macrae Says:

    as a regular friday nighter at The Ballerina I remember
    The Rebel Sounds who were a very good band,
    to answer Shannies question about the resident band
    who played at The Tradespark Hall Nairn on Sunday
    nights the band were called The Sinners & the guy
    with the receding hair was the drummer Scotty Macpherson
    who still lives in Nairn. Happy Days

  4. Doug Says:

    Does anyone remember my old band, The Accents/ Beatstalkers???

    • Brian McDonald Says:

      I remember working with the Beatstalkers fairly regularly on the N E circuit. My name is Brian Mcdonald and played in a band called The T Set.As I said we played with The Beatstalkers at various venues but mainly at the Victoria Hotel in Forres. I remember we used to bump into them on the Sunday after a weekend gig and play 5 a side football with them in the Cooper Park in Elgin. It was a bit unfair as we were only a four piece band but it was great fun. They were a great band and I was delighted to get a loan of a copy of their re union gig DVD from my brother Fred (who also played in the T set) and they still sounded great. Happy memories of wonderful times.

  5. Scott n the Sinners Says:

    Organ player – Stewart Watson

    Used to hump gear for the Rebel Sounds


  6. Geordie Robertson Says:

    The Sounds gear humper .

  7. dougross Says:

    Well so no-one remembers the Accents/ beatstalkers, well we worked for albert for nearly two years going to Tain one night the Thurso the next, we worked the east as well I remember the Craigellachie Hall.. Wow the assembly rooms in Elgin climbing all the stairs to the balcony where we performed , scared we might fall over. Great times!!
    got a real job and retired from music but since4 I retired 5 years ago have formed a band abroad playing 60’s stuff and do you know it has rejunavated me

    • Linda Says:

      My sisters & I remember the name. A bunch of us girls used to go and see you. Your names come up in my sister diary from that time. we often have a good reminisce about those days. In fact we were all in Elgin at the beginning of this month and going through some of her diaries. we do not live there anymore, we went to see Sold on Soul with Freddie in it, we had a little chat at the end of the gig..gteat night.

  8. Joe Whimster Says:

    Fit like?

    Does anyone remeber The Beatstalkers? Well I wish I did but I’m, alas, not of that vintage. I’m 27 but have been reliving the sounds of the sixties for a good decade now.

    I have a couple of Beatstalkers singles, “Better Get A Better Hold On” on Press and “Mr Disappointed”. I have numerous Poets singles too as well as a boot leg LP.

    I love The Scots of St James, “Tic Toc” is about the best 2 minutes of music I’ve come across. “Lights Go Up” by Hopscotch comes close too. For now they remain too elusive (and expensive) for my collection.

    Great to find this website, I just wish I could have shared some of the memories…

  9. Jean Morrison Says:

    I sometimes got a lift to the Beatclub with the Sinners cos my mate’s auntie was the lead singer Marie. Anyone remember The Electrons?

    • George Burns Says:

      I remember them well !
      Jimmie Dingwall, Ricky, Geordie, Neil. I also remember Marie and the Sinners.
      I am afraid my memory needs to be jogged nowadays but when it is memories come flooding back.

      • Lorna Helby nee Cameron Says:

        I remember The Electrons as my sister and I used to sing with them before being signed up with “The Jacobeats” I even have a very old photo of us all !!!

  10. Dave Munro Says:

    What an excellent site. Memories, wow! My favourite band was The Flock, but I really liked them all back then. I remember seeing The Beatstalkers at Nairn’s Ballerina – they were regulars at The Place club – I think it was called in Edinburgh, at the time. I would go anywhere to hear The Flock. Inverness, Elgin, Forres, Nairn, Keith, RAF Kinloss and the Navy Fulmar Club at Lossie. Great days. Size 4 from Inverness – didn’t one of the band die in an accident at Gollanfield? This site has fairly brought back some excellent memories of really excellent Bands fom the North of Scotland back when musicians were musicians and not computer wizzards! Great stuff!

  11. Great Information thank you for sharing.

  12. Just found this website…good stuff.
    I was the teanage “roadie” for the Flock in the mid-Sixties; which included having to write “beenz” is fab etc all over the groups van.
    I live in Dubai but still keep intouch with Beenz and Drew and Tommy Torrance.
    Also I look up Noddy (ex Size4 plus other wonderful groups) when back in Inverness.
    They were great times to be ateenager..pity we didnt have utube then as memories are fading.

  13. Heather MacLeod Says:

    Brilliant site. Sometimes I think I imagined that I saw Slade and Status Quo at the Ballerina. Always remember that it was dangerous to wear white underwear if you were a girl as the lighting picked it out. Ah the joys of the bus turning off at Adersier to drop people off. Am going to pitch a feature to the Herald about Highland hippiedom in the 70s and this site has inspired me. It was only when I moved south at 17 that I realised that we’d just lived through the most wild and exotic time compared to the rest of Scotland.

  14. Kenny Macdonald Says:

    Played in Windy Miller in the early 70’s.Remember supporting Marmalade at Town Hall Elgin(They were not happy because we decided to play our version of OOBLADEE OOBLADA before they came on).Also supported Sweet/Gary Glitter/Bay City Rollers.Good Times

  15. Penuel Ogston Says:

    I remember when the Rebel Sounds started up. I went to school with the boys. Happy days at the “dance” in the Longmore Hall in Keith on a Saturday night. Nothing to beat live music. The boys became our local heroes. I thought they were a great band. I live in Spain and was listening to music from the early 60’s when I remembered those days and google found this site. Isn’t technology wonderful?

  16. Neil Mackay Says:

    Hi all, I hail from Nairn and know quite a few of you, George Burns, Lorna & Deirdre Cameron, Ian Macrae etc. I have lived in the Glasgow area now for 40 years, but remember the ballerina days very well,played guitar in the Electrons, later re-organised as Eucalyptus Convention with Geordie Sutherland on guitar,me on bass, Ian Morrison on drums and Scoobie Sutherland on vocals. It was a blast, literally! Amazing times. I’de love to hear more from all of you. George, photos? Stay as cool as you all were, Regards, Neil Mackay

    • Lorna Helby nee Cameron Says:

      Greetings from the glorious Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia. I have been trying for years now to find some of “The Electrons” at last ! I go home to Nairn quite regularly and I would love to catch up with you, I am on face book under Lorna Helby/nee cameron, I would love for you to contact me Neil. I will be over again for the next “Homecoming Scotland” being held in Stirling 1214 about July I think ? Do you know where any of the others are? I believe Jimmy is in Forres, what about Eddie ? anyway please contact me on Facebook.
      Regards Lorna

      • Lorna Helby nee Cameron Says:

        Hi again Neil, thought that I’d better send you through my email address in case you weren’t on facebook.
        Looking forward to hearing from you……
        Lorna 🙂

      • Lorna Helby nee Cameron Says:

        Hi Neil, got you email (was so thrilled) but I cannot send you one back, mail administrator says that your address is not listed, can you please check it for me ? I have tried 5 times to send one back to you…No success. Also are you on Skype ?

        ;-0 Lorna

    • Aye Neil ! I bought your Burns guitar from the late Tommy Cowan . . . . . still have it

      • Neil Mackay Says:

        Hi Frank, Good to hear from you, haven’t seen you for over
        40 years, hope you’re well. Glad to know the Burns is in safe hands, can’t remember Tommy Cowan owning it, thought I sold directly to you. The neck repair was done by
        Willie Forsyth, joiner & excellent accordion player, after it fell on to a wooden floor in Nethy Bridge Hotel. All the best, and have a good Xmas & New Year.

  17. Neil Mackay Says:

    Howz about the promised photos Burnzy? Neil

    • Lorna Helby nee Cameron Says:

      Hi again Neil….got your next email and sent you another letter to the new address you gave me. Did you get it ?
      LORNA 🙂

  18. evoorgeisusydalalyd Says:


    • Lorna Helby nee Cameron Says:

      Hi there Bob, great to see that you are still playing , you were always a great player…..Keep up the good work !
      Regards Lorna 🙂

  19. Dave Munro Says:

    I remember the ‘Beatstalkers’ and saw them around 1965/66. I can’t remember exactly where I last watched them – but it would have been in the Craigellachie, Forres, Nairn circuit. My memories are of a very very good band indeed. ‘Memory – hold the door.’

  20. marie Says:

    scott and the sinners, my dad was the drummer!

  21. Alex Graham Says:

    What an interesting site!

    I played guitar in Tain band The Rough Diamonds in the mid 1960s. We were in our early teens but still managed to play during the interval, always using the main band’s gear! We played with some exceptional groups who were on ALBERT BONICCI’s mini tour – Elgin on Friday, Tain on Saturday, and Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom on Sunday. I remember being allowed to play a Gretsch White Falcon that belonged to Richard Harding of The Cresters, a well known group who were often on TV.

    I remember the Flock and Size 4, They were a bit older than us. Drew Ross was a great singer, he always carried a tin box of extra strong mints to help keep his airways clear – I think they were called Altoids. How do I remember this!!!

    Buckie’s My Dear Watson were as good as any group who graced the stage of Tain Town Hall. They did a killer version of Good Vibrations – we would often ask them to play it two or three times.

    Tain was a magical place to grow up in. Where else could you see rock bands every Saturday night?

  22. Sandy Willison Says:

    Nice to hear from people from the old days. My name is Sandy Willison, I am an Aberdonian, and played at places like the Beach ballroom and other venues in and around Aberdeen. I rarely played the ´´Country circuit“. I remenber meeting Richard Harding at the Beach, where I saw a White Falcon for the first time, when he played with Malcom Clark and the Cresters. I also knew all of the Aberdeen bands like Tommy Dene and the Tremors, (I keep in touch with Tommy) the Royal Teens, Facells, Strollers, Phantoms ,Playboys, and many others. After a spell in the RAF,(Where I played bass with an American soul band in Germany ) I returned to Aberdeen and became the Instrument manager for the sadly now defunk Bruce Millers. At that time I played in the ABC bowl and the Waterton hotel with a band called Vincent, with Billy Steele of The Billy Steele combo fame. I still keep in touch with Billy who now live in Kemney. The singer and bass player was Robert Vincent (Not to be confused with Bobby Vincent, (Bobby Barclay). I then left Aberdeen to open my own music shop in Inverness, where I got to know Drew Ross and Tommy Torrance and Beans (Alisdair McBean) from the Flock, and the Rebel sounds with the late Benny Green, as well as many other North east and Highland bands, including Windy Miller with whom I often stood in on Guitar or Bass as holiday or sickness replacement. they are still going strong with The Macdonald brothers,, Brian and Fred, Charlie Gerard and a very good guitarist called McKenzie who´s first name escapes me. I also played in a duo called Ucle charlie, we played from Yorkshire to Orkney, but were mostly resident in the Aviemore Center. Doing all that was pretty strenuous.
    After 13 years in Inverness and after family problems, I moved to Germany.I live near Munich, and have worked in the musical Instrument wholesale trade as a rep, travelling all over Southern Germany, and getting to know many International stars like Toto, the Scorpions Etc. Of course I never stopped playing, mostly bass with a variety of bands, but I still look fondly back to my Aberdeen days. Incidently Byron Grant of the Tremors who also lived in Germany (Hamburg) Recently died, but Mike Rioch, the bass player is stll there and is still playing.It is sad to hear about many of our band friends dying. I´m now retired, but I still can´t leave it and do pub gigs on my own, with just an acoustic guitar. It´s really nice to hear from North East musicians, and it is really true. people like Albert Bonici, Gordon Hardie and Bert Ewen, played a big roll in promoting the enormous amounr of talen which the North produced. I hope that some of you are still active. Keep music live!!!
    All the best
    Sandy Willison

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